Friday, September 6, 2013

Testing (and casual Friday)

First two weeks of school--done! Get home before it gets too dark to take pictures indoors--check, maybe?

This batch of photos was a bit dark and I lost some of the quality when editing to correct it, but I was excited to try taking outfit photos for the first time in my apartment. I wore this to lab on Thursday, and it's very casual, but I like how I dressed it up a bit. Plus I really like fun headbands, like this yellow wire one that I wore. I think it's so silly that they require us to wear closed toe shoes in lab, but they don't care if we're wearing shorts or skirts that expose our legs, as the lab coats only go to mid-thigh. If I spill acid on myself, well, thank God my toes are safe! (I could wear pants more often, but sometimes the Tucson heat and fabric encased legs don't cooperate all that well.)

I was told I looked vaguely sixties while walking up to my door after school because of my hair do--I'll take that complement stranger/neighbor!

And one of my favorite pair of earrings; it's hard to take a picture of your ear by yourself.

The older my camera gets, the harder it is to get good quality photos out of it...I think I need to start a camera savings fund. Any suggestions for DSLRs in the $500 dollar range ( I need that RAW editing capability)?

Outfit details:
shirt: Merona at Target
shorts: Ann Taylor
shoes: B.A.I.T
earrings: Betsey Johnson
headband: Free with one of my many Modcloth orders!

(Everything is pretty old, but the top may be on clearance now)


  1. oh my gooosh I've been wanting those shoes from BAIT for a long time now! I still need to get them! They look so great on you! XO

    love, polly :)

  2. that pretty yellow headband was the first thing I noticed
    so cute!

    The Sweetest Escape