Monday, August 5, 2013

How Time Flies!

Long time, no post! The past few weeks have been incredibly busy for me as I have been packing and moving into an apartment. I didn't realize I had so much stuff! It's mostly books, DVDs, and kitchen supplies that have been major moving box hogs.

The good news is that most of my belongings are out of my parent's house and into my roomy 750 square foot apartment. I'm planning on showing it all to you, as I'm working hard slip covering my couch (a project I don't think I'll ever undertake again), but for now all I'm sharing are my refinished Craigslist chairs.

These babies were in pretty rough shape when I got them. The strange gold-leafed finish had worn through in some areas showing naked wood, and in others had an awful green tinge. The fabric also had some wear, and was a strange faux velvet mess. And all that was just the outside of the chair--the seat had to be completely re-webbed as the original webbing was made of some type of coated material which had become very brittle with age. I replaced it all with the wide jute used especially for seats. Now there's now concern of falling through!

 Now my chairs are a blend of traditional and modern styles. The gray will match my in-progess sofa and I feel you can never go wrong with toile--especially since I was very adament about pattern matching when cutting out.

The "inside" view--sheeps and dogs!

Look at that pattern matching! (and ignore my visible mess)
 I can't help but grin whenever I look at these chairs--the difference is night and day between the before and after. I also got to learn a couple of new upholstery skills; although I think this may be the most complicated reupholster project I'll ever complete--at least for a while.

Next up on my to do list is to finish my couch slipcover, skirt my media table, get some artwork done for the apartment, annnnnnnnd make my way through my UFO pile in my fabric bin as well as do some alterations. And I only have twenty days to do it all before school consumes my life! Where did the summer go?


  1. Congratulation on the move! Wow, you did such an amazing job on the chair!

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    cassandra xx

    1. Thank you Cassandra! They're my favorite pieces of furniture in the apartment, and comfy to boot.